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Lottie Player- General Settings

In right sidebar settings, on the top of the settings you will see 2 options called- General, Style

Now, we will discuss about General.

Player Settings: #

In General you can see the option for Player Settings.

First of all, you have to insert or upload lottie json file, to perform the player.

Then, you can change the options for lottie player, such as show/hide control, enable/disable autoplay, enable/disable loop, enable/disable play on hover, set count for autoplay, speed of animation and interval.

Also, you can link the player.

Player Settings
Player Settings

Interactivity Settings: #

In interactivity settings, you can set animation interactive on different actions.

Interactivity Settings
Interactivity Settings

Caption Settings: #

You can show/hide caption and change the caption text from this settings.

Caption Settings
Caption Settings

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